Monday, November 29, 2010

six months.....

 it is hard to believe that Olivia has been home six months....  Did I REALLY wait two years? 

She is a beautiful young lady.   We are ALL still learning how to be a family.   Changes bring the need for more changes in the way we interact and relate.  But I am happy with our little family, and each of my precious children.

Olivia loves school, is learning quickly, loves to cook and help at home.  She told me this morning, momma, give me work, lots of work, every day.  lol...Never heard one of my kids say THAT before. :) 

She is enjoying each special holiday and discovering life in a totally new culture.   She dances, sings, laughs and loves to tell us stories.  

And she misses what she use to know.   It is an amazing journey we are all on together.