Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pink Palms, Black Paws.....

In the wait...
Last night the kids and I made a sign/banner for Mame. We each used colored stamping pads to put our handprints around the words, "We love you, Mame". I used red, which, even after a bath, has left my hands blushing pink. Even our Morkie, Bella, had her paws stamped black, and added pawprints to the sign. Then each family member signed their name next to their handprints. (Except Bella, of course, I signed for her.)
We plan to take a picture of all of us holding it, then send the picture and sign off to Mame with one of the families traveling to the orphanage.
We are focusing on what will be, on our heart connection, and not on the delays.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Way up in North Ethiopia....

Someone asks: "What's the news with Olivia? (Mame)"

Today I answer: "Not good news"

  • She is too old to be processed in the Addis Ababa courts as abandoned. (No one 8 years old or older will be processed as abandoned. How sad for children who are abandoned at that age.)

The uncle who relinquished her in Addis, is no where to be found after 8 months of waiting).

Her village, is way up North, closest city is Gondar. It cannot be reached during the rainy season. (Ends perhaps sometime in October).

The attorney left instructions and fees with someone (???) somewhere (???) to try to get the paperwork complete.

The local courts?? government?? police?? not sure, from Mame's village, area will need to verify that she is relinquished with a piece of paper... I think. I am so unclear. I don't know if an existing family member has to be found in her village, or if the local authorities have to attempt that, and then declare her abandoned, and since she is abandoned in her village and not Addis, then it is ok. I don't know.

What I do know is not to expect anything any time soon. And I highly doubt in 2009, but that may be my "upsetness" speaking.

I may wait a couple days and try to ask again, to understand. All I know is the attorney's trip did not get her the paper she desired. We cannot move forward at this time, and the rainy season is impacting it as well.

It is funny, odd funny, interesting funny, not ha ha funny. You can get so attached to a little girl, through pictures and written anecdotes, that she is YOURS in your heart. There is no way, even after 16 months of waiting, that you can just stop and walk away. I know some folks looking in might say, why not just go adopt someone else, who is ready (paperwise)....

But Mame is my children's sister....And I do not like the delays, (she doesn't either.. I was told today, she even asks the attorney at Hope, what is happening with her case)... but they are what they be endured.

And God knows this. I do not know the right timing, but He does. So I live with more delays.

That is what is happening with Mame.

(This photo was taken by a traveler in Simien National Park, right next to Gonder in the Amhara region, where Mame is from).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pray, pray , pray, pray, pray, pray......

Sometimes things just happen the hard way. So I am asking you to pray with me to pull this thing on through!
I got word today from my adoption agency, that the attorney in Addis Ababa, who handles all our court cases and paper work, is on this very day in the Mame's region of the country (birth region) trying to get her paperwork finished. That it is a 2 or 3 day trip from Addis, and she should be back Friday night or Saturday morning!
Pray her favor and smooth sailing....and blessings to boot. I am sure her hands are so full, and taking a few days out to handle Mame's case is so loving of her. Favor and blessing, oh Lord, favor and blessing!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have a cup of coffee in the valley...

Between the peaks of getting a referral and having all my paperwork complete, and the mini-peaks for various court date expectancies, and sitting open at court, and...
between all those peaks.....are valleys. And from a birds eye view, I might see the true perspective of one long valley from last July until..some future date when I pass court.
So come have a cup of Java with me in this valley.
I just found out news today, that the ban on abandonment cases being lifted, was not what I was truly waiting for. That Mame still needs some paperwork from the local authorities in the region where she was born. This particular paperwork quest was started in February...three month before the ban was imposed. Next week, the lawyer at Hope in Ethiopia is going to Mame's city of origin to try to get the paper work complete. (bless her with favor Lord, and bless her for caring enough for this ONE case, one little girl, out of so many, to take the time.)
So, I know my wait will be longer than I was not expecting. (Odd phrase..I should have been expecting shorter, but really don't expect anything any more, other than one day it will happen. )
So in this long valley...the changing of my mood/perspective has changed the view of this valley. It has offered time for growth (spiritual emotional) to my family here, waiting. Being far better adjusted now to take on a new family member, than back in Nov 2008, and still seeing how we need to grow. Better school-wise. (three of the four will be at the same school now, rather than three different schools).... Better health-wise (will have some surgeries out of the way, that could have been hard on Mame to be with momma, then have momma be in the hospital)....and even a time of being "family alone" as our au pair leaves in August and it will be just me and the kids for awhile. My kids have taken on chores and are helping around the house now. My eyes have been opened to the comsummer bug, and we are eradicating him form our life as much as possible..... so many good things in this valley.
And now, knowing the valley will again be longer, and the travel money being gobbled up by two major car repairs, school uniforms, and other unexpected budget biters,....I have more time to re-save the money which will bring Olivia Mame home.
The wear and tear on my heart in the valley is less now. My heart is not so frenzied, my emotions not so raw.
I cannot truly understand Mame's heart in all this. I know it is hard seeing other kids go. Even though they are going to an unknown...a dream. Sometimes the loss or delay of the dream is far more painful than the reality. So I know this valley has been extremely long for her. On the other hand, she does not know us, the reality of us, just the thought and photo of us. No way to comprehend WHY it has been 16 months of waiting, no realization that it HAS been that long, for her I am sure. I pray for God to give her hope, joy and comfort...and to prepare her heart for transition...some day.
So when folks ask me, I tell you...I do not know. I am hoping Mame will be home in 2009, my mind thinks, SURELY she will. But I do not know.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good news from a distant land...

"Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." Prov 25:25

Good news today from Ethiopia. Our agency said they just got word that the courts did take all the abandonment cases today, and will be issuing court dates for them soon. That it is possible that the courts may start hearing abandonment cases as early as this Thursday!!!
Can you believe it?

Monday, July 6, 2009