Saturday, May 29, 2010

The night before EVERYTHING changes....

Tomorrow we board the plane for Africa! At long last.
I am looking forward to the long flight with 22 hours of NO TO DO LIST, and books, snoozing...praying....:)
Such a blessing that my eldest, Nick, gets to go with me and have his 12th birthday in Ethiopia.
I wonder if Hiywat (Seen it spelled many ways)....Olivia.... knows we are coming...or will Tuesday am be a big surprize for her?
Would you pray for our safe journey? For SMOOOOTH final paperwork with no issues? For safety abroad, for our meeting with Olivia....for my children and pets staying home, my parents......all of it.
I have a friend helping to post, hopefully, when I send her update by email..... so stay tuned!
Blessings to all who have walked this journey with us in prayers and tears. I know you are out there.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One day closer to you.....

7 to go!
Things are coming together, all the puzzle pieces are lining up....
all the work tasks, and school tasks, and home tasks, and pre-travel tasks are all getting done.
It is ALMOST "get excited" time.... :)
What should I do in Washington DC with an 8 hour layover on the way home?
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

11 days and counting......

Things are progressing. Ticket bought, hotel booked, Olivia's clothes packed, books,...
Arrangements for my kids staying here made.....
I have been working working working, to hand my work over to a back-up while I am out ALL SUMMER.
That, plus the end of school with all the extra field trips, awards assemblies, kindergarten graduation, teacher's gifts, piano recital, concerts....
Whew!!! I will be GLAD to be on a plane for 6, then 16 hours just to rest and read!!! Looking forward to it. I might even bring a NOVEL! lol.
Can you believe after so long, the time is just around the corner to actually bring Olivia home? And to experience Ethiopia???!!! I am so excited..and so blessed that my son Nick, gets to come with me. What a time we will have.
Please pray for our journey, my kids (and pets) at home, my mom who worries about us :), and our Olivia Hiywat.
Just 11 days.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gonna GO Get my Girl!!!

At last....a travel date! My embassy date is June 3 (which is also my Nicholas' 12th b-day) and Nick and I will be leaving for Ethiopia on May 29th!!
At last, at last ...our turn to go!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Beads...and a momma's hope.

So how quickly can you blow through $18? Seriously....five latte's or less..... not even a night at the movies with my kids.... maybe a Mcdonald's drive through run....
Well first....Read Katies blog Here (you MUST read it) I found out about these lovely beads..... Made by momma's in Africa to help feed their children........ Aren't they lovely??!!

And they are made from Magazines! Really! I just bought 10....some for myself and some to give as gifts....

Would you consider it? And help a momma far away!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found out "Mame's" name on her birth certificate is spelled
Not sure how you pronounce it. I have been told that it means "life", which I am confirming that and the pronunciation.
We have thought of her as "Olivia Mame" for so long...this will be a mental change.
I have been told that many of the older girls being adopted want an "American" name too. So we will see her choice....
If she wants to be "Olivia Hiywot" or Mame, or Hiywot Mame or ?

Monday, May 3, 2010

How much notice?

I heard from someone else today of a family that got one weeks notice before travel for them embassy date..... EEEEEK! I guess I better just get ready and start ordering those hair products!!
I need to have plans set up for each week it could possibly be!
Can you believe I am really at this stage????!!!
I can't!