Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NO news....

So here is our "no news". Not from our agency, but from another agency. They stated the decision announcement on the abandonment cases (and hold) is not being shared today, as we all thought, but on July 2nd.
So that is our no news.... Hoping on that date they do not just announce their decision/outcome, but also the plan for all the backlog of cases.
More time to wait for news. ....
BEST case scenerio right now (ie impossible to happen), would be travel at the third or fourth week in August. I think it will be more like Sept.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Longing for my little girl!

be missing my girl...even though we have never met! I have heard things about her these past couple weeks, little peeks into her personality and I am SOOOOOO ready to bring her home. It has been about 15 months, since I sent her the first (and only ) photo album of her American family, so I made a new one this weekend. The other was just snapshots in a little 4 x 6 photo folder you can buy at target. I decided to dess it up a bit this time. SO I made her a little scrapbook photo album. My thumb is over the first picture, which is her, because I cannot show you her picture, but you can see the rest. Each page has a tab with a letter on it. M A M E...spells Mame, (mauh - may). And I am sending with the next families traveling in July!
We miss you Mame! Soon, I hope, soon!

The Tabs Front Cover

Back Cover

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

My family...someday it will be....

I got to talk to another momma today who just returned from spending many days at Mame's orphanage, with her own two children and my Mame. I loved hearing all about the details.... Meals, school, clothes, etc.
I still do not know when some new action will happen, or I will pass court, BUT I am still expectantly hopeful...
She longs to come to America...as I long to come bring her home.