Sunday, April 20, 2008

She Knows.....

News from Ethiopia.
Below is a snippet of an update from a mom who is over in Ethiopia getting her daughter. She visited the orphanage where Olivia Mame, our dear one is, and gave her the little package we sent her, that includes a little photo album of us. This is a snippet of what she wrote in an update to our

Forgive me for not remembering...but whoever has Mame...ohhh she is SUCH a sweetheart. We gave her the package and showed her the pictures and got it all on video. She was so excited and kept saying Mommy??!!?? With a huge will cry when you see it.

Isn't that awesome? Precious? She now knows of us and that she has a family! Yes, I am a mommy again!


  1. Yeah this is great!!! It is so good to hear your daughter has your pictures of your family!! It is encouraging to me!! I am so excited about our dossier being in Ethiopia now!!


  2. Those words and video are priceless!