Sunday, June 15, 2008


Wait, wait, wait....
Still no homestudy....
Was suppose to be 60 days max, that was ...hmmmm, 9 days ago.
Currently waiting for the homestudy agency to send a draft to the international agency for them to say it is ok....then send it to me, so I can move to the next step.
So nothing new....just waiting. Maybe I will hear something this coming week. It is funny, (not funny haha, but funny odd) the book I am reading about adoption talks about how so much of it is outside my control.. and how we can have the tendency to try to over-manage the process or obsess on the parts that are in our control...and I thought, BOY is that me.
So I have been trying to focus on when she comes home. What will it be like, and how to handle the well as trying to get life in order now (OK pick yourself up off the floor from laughing.)
51 and I am still thinking, one day I will get my act together! Angela, (our au pair) gets here on July 17th, and I SO wanted to have my act together by then! What magic could I perform in the next 30 days, that I have not done in the last 51 years? HA~

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  1. Well I am not organized at 44 either! I should get organized before Julie and Laura come home! :)
    I don't think it will happen though lol.
    Hope you get the HS this week and Olivia home soon. Can't wait to reunite our girls in Palm Springs