Monday, June 15, 2009

Longing for my little girl!

be missing my girl...even though we have never met! I have heard things about her these past couple weeks, little peeks into her personality and I am SOOOOOO ready to bring her home. It has been about 15 months, since I sent her the first (and only ) photo album of her American family, so I made a new one this weekend. The other was just snapshots in a little 4 x 6 photo folder you can buy at target. I decided to dess it up a bit this time. SO I made her a little scrapbook photo album. My thumb is over the first picture, which is her, because I cannot show you her picture, but you can see the rest. Each page has a tab with a letter on it. M A M E...spells Mame, (mauh - may). And I am sending with the next families traveling in July!
We miss you Mame! Soon, I hope, soon!

The Tabs Front Cover

Back Cover


  1. Beautiful!
    Hope this whole court thing gets sorted out soon and that you'll get to go and bring her home soon.

  2. What a neat scrapbook...she will LOVE IT! Praying!

  3. Wow. You did an AMAZING job on the scrapbook!! She is going to be SO EXCITED and feel so loved!

  4. It is so pretty ! She is going to love it !


  5. That is beautiful! Scrapbooking materials have come a long way in just a few years. I feel like I was scrapbooking in the dark ages, and it was just only five or so years ago. Did you create that digitally? I would love to know.

    I think that Olivia Mame will certainly cherish that book. You can tell that it is filled with love.


  6. So sweet. I have been praying for you. You are still on my list to pray for. Praying your sweet girl home.

  7. I'm glad you liked my blog Sandee, thank you for you kind comment, I hope to see you around! blessings and a hug!

  8. It looks gorgeous Sandee. So hope your sweet Mame comes home soon!!! Praying this will be the week that the cases start being reheard!!!

    Hang on!