Thursday, January 7, 2010

Melkam Ganna, sweet Mame....

It was Christmas today in Ethiopia...
Mame's second Christmas in the orphanage. Last year we were blessed that there were families traveling on this day and I have photos of the Christmas celebration at her orphanage.
They had songs and treats and new shirts, a small tree and a goat for dinner!
With all our worries and wait I have with bringing Mame home, she had a special day today.
I pray for each and every one of the children in her orphanage:
Ah Abba,
you see them,
you love them,
your plans for them ache in your heart as it does in ours.
Your power and understanding has no limits...
I pray for each child there, every one, not ONE left behind.
Move I pray on their behalf...move for them I pray.
Bless them all, as they sleep right now after a special, exciting day.
Melkam Ganna little ones!


  1. I was setting down the other night and looking at a picture of an Ethiopian Sunset and thinking of your sweet Olivia Mame. You are in our prayers and we also pray with you for people to be convicted daily to bring every single child into a family.

  2. Sandee - I am so very touched by your story of waiting for your precious Olivia Mame. What an umbelievable story that she has - a legacy of love that she is coming HOME to. I want to remain connected to your blog and your story so that I can in some small part be connected to this story.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and to leave a nice comment in the knitted birds nest contest. Somehow--- that all just seems so trivial when compared to the sacrifices that you are making to brina a life of love to this child.
    Just knowing this story - has already brought great joy to my soul.

    Vicki (2 Bags Full---)