Monday, December 15, 2008

As I wait...

As I am waiting for my court date, and with all the stuff I have to do to "make Christmas", I am doing anything but "waiting". :) I realize how truly smart and well-thought out God is. This very week, would have been the week I would have traveled to Ethiopia if we had passed court in November.

How hard it would have been and chaotic. I would have missed the Christmas program at church, and Mary's play tomorrow night, I would NOT have had the Christmas gifts done, I would be feeling frantic, my children at home would be missing me the week before Christmas...and then trying to help sweet Olivia transition into her new life the week of Christmas would have been confusing and too much for her.

Isn't God smart? Thank you Lord, that your wisdom saw the months after Christmas as a much better time in so many ways!

We are blessed...and dear sweet Olivia Mame will be with us soon...what a Valentine.

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