Saturday, January 10, 2009

My cup runneth over...

I will need to rename this blog ...won't I?
I am so happy and thrilled to announce, on our way to finding Olvia (Mame) we also found another little sister (big sister to Mary) too!

Although yesterday had the cloud of Olivia Mame not passing court and us having to wait on another courtdate, the Son broke through, shining bright with a referral of a second daughter from Ethiopia. Hanna, a precious little 6 year old...will be joining our family. I told you something was stirring in my soul and it wasn't cookie dough. Gotta go find that 5th apron.

I am just so thrilled. The kids are thrilled. I told them all last night and you would think it was Christmas again! Even Angela was grinning from ear to ear, perhaps thinking I am nuts, but still grinning.

So yes...we will be a family of 6, counting Momma. 6.2 counting Bella, our pint-sized Marley. I don't have a lot of details on Hanna, she is in Nazret right now, and I hope she will soon move to the orphanage, Hope's Place, where Mame is, so they can get to know each other.

(I am going to modify some things on this site, when I get a chance this week, to track the timeline of both the girls.).

So I am looking for a extra white twin bed, a new armoire, a white toy box... a few things to make our adjustment.

It was so funny, I told the kids one by one, starting with Nick...who was so excited he immediately was yelling for Tadpole to come here...when we got to Mary and shared with her, after her excitement she said. "And then we will have to get another boy for gege's"


God is good and our hearts are full!


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  2. Ok girlfriend! There is joy to be had in this moment of seeing what 'God has up His sleeve'! I need to know so much more! How exciting! Yippie...I almost need 2 hands to count all your little blessings! Ha! Call me!

  3. Sandee, that is wonderful or should I call you wonder
    I can't wait to see you bring these sweet little girls home.

  4. Congratulations mama!!! I am so happy for you and Hanna...I love that name! Can you send me some of your energy? Please?

  5. I saw that you were now adoptin two! this is awesome!!!

    Congratulations and God bless!!


  6. WOW!! Congratulations. What wonderful news :)

  7. I was just on your family blog and saw something about adopting the fourth and fifth and thought I had really missed something along the way. I just had to check it out. Amazing! I am so happy for you. WOW!