Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Organizing the Nest

With Mame's court delay and with the addition of Hanna on the way, I have been into organizing the nest. I am so grateful to other large families on the yahoo group(s) I belong to and all their great ideas and suggestions.
(Denise, thank you for all your emails and great ideas! Makes me excited that it IS doable!)
I ordered a peg system for chores that someone recommended, http://www.familytools.com/
I have been telling family and friends..
Looking at bunkbeds, and bedroom armoires. Going into Mary's room and mentally rearranging it again and again, Scouting out where I will putup a set of hooks for coats by the back door (Thanks Denise for the idea) and a bench or box for shoes.... Last night we had our first dinner "buffet style" Rather than take all I cooked and move it from cooking dishes to serving dishes all over the table...I just put plates on the table and then one by one we went into the kitchen and I filled the kids plates...and then they could go back for seconds. Table was less cluttered, serving and clean up much easier! (Again thanks to Denise...wise wise woman!)
I made up my "honey do" list for my dad, Nick said I need to call it my "papa do" list.... I revamped my budget, caught up on bills, actually negotiated a lower interest rate on one... and I ordered a couple books....
I ordered the book from the Amazon on the Duggars with their family of 20! I was told it has lots of great ideas. http://www.amazon.com/Duggars-Counting-Raising-Americas-Families-How/dp/141658563X/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231872910&sr=8-1
So nesting, big time. I wish I could post pictures of Mame and Hanna. I have this new one of Mame, I just LOVE and I only have one of Hanna, but she look so precious, and delicate and just quiet. How can a picture look quiet? I am not sure, but she does.
So God is so good to give me this nesting time.


  1. I will pay for your parents right now..Jim and Mary. You are a wonderful godly woman with a heart for glorifying GOD by raising godly children. How precious!!

    My daughter and her husband just moved to SF area of CA from San Diego. He is IT and some other stuff I know nothing about but right now his job is secure...but my daughter had to quit hers and is looking for work in SF area and getting depressed.

    She has a masters in Social Work and is working toward licensing in CA. She is not a Christian nor is her husband I would like for someone "near by" to pray for them as well....Rich and Meaghan.

    You are so obedient to GOD in loving and honoring your parents! I will pray for Jim and Mary that GOD will protect them and guide them and let them know that HE is with them every single day, hour, minute and second.

    Blessings in HIM,

  2. You are gonna do great!!! There is no way I would have your strength and patience as a single mom. I have been there with 2... whew!!!Cant wait to hear news that ET is moving quicker!!! :)

  3. I was sorry to hear you are still having trouble with court dates, but what awesome news of 2 more blessings instead of just one! I will have to check out all of your tips for big families - I can never get enough of those! Congratulations! May God be glorified!