Sunday, December 13, 2009

A message of Hope and Miracles...

The message at church today was about hope and miracles and praying for your own miracle. I prayed for Mame.....and my kids.....

I truly want to believe in a miracle....even after all this time. God's timing I cannot understand. I feel so urgent. As days, weeks, months, years pass...I feel..God how can THIS timing be right, as we all get older?

Most people have stopped asking.

Those that do, ask hesitantly.

Or they assume the worse. I have had two folks in the past month say something like, I don't think she is coming home. Or "they" are doing something wrong. (ie corrupt). Like how in the world could I keep hoping and believing?

Sad words
sad looks
There is no way I could explain to someone not in this journey how it could ever take this long. How we can wait month after month after month for a piece of paper, knowing nothing, yet still believing.

Our enemy does not want my daughter in a family. Does not want any of these children adopted. But what he has planned for ruin, God has planned for good. I don't know why He has allowed it to go on this long. I don't know why it is has come to this. But I don't for a minute believe that God does not want me to adopt Mame. He is all about the orphan and families.

Something so hard (and so long) just makes all the minor stuff so very very minor. .....

So sad looks, sad words..... I can handle it. One day this sadness will turn to joy, I believe that. Lord, I do believe that.


  1. God is a God of miracles and He is with you and Olivia Mame. There is a bigger purpose in all of this that some day you will know or when ,in Heaven, you just won't care. I will be the first to say congratulations because she IS your daughter! God is bigger than courts or countries. You have our prayers every time we pray for our future twins in Ethiopia (which is often). You are on our prayer chain of a couple of hundred and on our family newsletter for prayers this year. There are four children we have been praying for. One is meeting her mother tonight in Beijing...God is moving. Praying...

  2. Sandee, once again your faith is inspiring. I am praying with you for a miracle and that 2010 is the year Mame comes home! I cannot wait to see her huge smile when you go get her.

  3. I continue to pray for both of you!