Friday, December 11, 2009

More Hoops.......sigh...

yea, I's small potatoes...but it seems like every time I think I am done, there is something else to do.

I am getting my home study updated. I have done everything the agency requires, and I sent my app with the requirements listed into the USCIS office.

I got a letter today, from the USCIS office that, of course there are MORE hoops to jump...even though they did not include it on the list of things is said I needed to send it to them, before.

sigh... so now more paper chasing. They want three of which I don't remember how I get it.


weary of it all...but she is worth it.


  1. I know Olivia Mame will be worth it, and her mommy will never, ever give up. She is very close to coming home to her family. My prayers are with you.

  2. She is. She is so totally worth it. If I lived nearby I'd come over bearing chocolate and lattes. I'd muddle through it with you. Instead I am cheering you on from 3000 miles away. I imagine you are so weary of paperwork and 'processing'. I am praying for movement on your case.

  3. Thank you both...... I saw the new pictures today...and she looks so sad. She normally is all smiles and hugging folks and trying to get in the photos.

    Kim said, that Wubitu told her it is very sad and hard to see child after child going home with a family and you still not going.

    I am hoping to get all the paperwork resolved soon......