Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Step....

One step forward, two steps sideways..... no end in sight.
I know there is an end, someday...right?
I saw new pictures today, of Mame being read the letter we sent her...the "you are not forgotten".
Yet, I have no idea if it is months, year. ever.....
I don't give up. I pencil in plans....remain flexible. Pray, hope, and hang on.
I think we are at point "B", {z actually} only to find out we are at point "zero" or 24, who knows.... When you are at a step, and you don't know how many there are {and it seems like eternal steps without end} are not sure, as you hear "supposed" this closer, is this sideways, or is this backwards.
Cotton-eyed Joe without the fun music, and twirly skirt.
And this is where I trust the Father, without understanding. I have asked. Other's have it is not a "you have not because you ask not". I have prayed power and effectiveness has been brought to the cause, even when I don't see it. I have no idea of the "why" of the delay, in God's eyes. I know He is all-powerful, all loving, I can see changes for the good he has made {is making} in her momma and siblings....better prepared I am sure.
So we do what we do. I wished I could get thrilled on side-step news, new photos. :( I am sorry that I do not. I love the photos...but they are also sad. I love news. Makes me know that something is happening. ..... but I do not know if it is almost there news, or just another step in the long and winding road.
So lovely daughter, far will change one day. There will be lots of laughter, tons of hugs, new wonders, and strange food. :) And I am sure some sibling squabbles. But it will start...someday...I hope.
Meanwhile we take one step forward and two steps sideways....
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Continued prayers for sweet Olivia Mame to come home into her Mama's arms....