Friday, April 9, 2010

Numbers and dates

fourth court date, four days away

six to 8 weeks (if I pass) to embassy date

possible embassy dates every other Thursday: May 6, 20, June 3, June 17, July 1 July

7 weeks would be June 3rd.... my Nicholas' 12th birthday!

When will it be? It seems too.....unreal and scary that I might, after two years, actually be making a trip to Ethiopia....

To be honest...I feel nothing right now. I know, if I pass, I will be in tears and estatic..... I know if I don't, I will continue feeling nothing..... But I don't feel nervous or weary, or hopeful....odd.

Now wait and talk to me Monday night! lol.


  1. PLEASE know we are praying fervently!!!! We are SO excited for you! I know that sometimes I get afraid to hope, because I know that if I hope it hurts all that much more...but I also know that God is SO big and it's so obvious He's working in your lives!!!! I'll hope for you :)!

    Praising Him for your new court date!!!!

  2. Hi Sandee! We prayed for Mame two nights ago during our family worship time...Mikias was eager to pray for her and I tried to explain how much we want her to be united with her mommy like he was united with us. I'm so excited for you and know with all my heart that God is working out His beautiful plan for your life and hers. May Tuesday be a day of rejoicing for both of us!