Friday, April 30, 2010

Planning for school.....

I am so excited, after all the wait, to think about Mame getting to go to Summit school with her new brothers and sisters in the fall. One of the teachers, is also an ESL teacher, and we are meeting next week to put together a summer plan for Mame....that I can do at home and help her be ready for the fall.

And then, when she starts school this fall, this same, wonderful teacher, is going to help and put together a program for her, depending on where she is and how much she has learned.

What a blessing.

These are pictures of Mame and her "school" time at the orphanage. I can see they learned a little English alphabet and some words....I cannot wait to talk to her face to face...or at least try. It is happy/sad to think that all the other children in these photos are home with their new families....while Mame has waited and waited.

BUT...her wait will be over soon.


  1. I LOVEEEE the pictures!!! I cannot wait to see a picture of you both together! We just passed court today and I wanted to hop over here. We are having a giveaway of a really cool "Enat" necklace and I thought of you!

  2. Hello! Forgive my intruding, but my husband and I are researching adoption agencies for our next adoption and are looking into Hope Adoption Agency. Your blog was on their website so I thought I ought to send you a message and ask your thoughts on their agency. We'd really appreciate any tips, experiences or advice! Thank you so much!

    Tim and Emily Browning
    Washington, IL

  3. Emily,

    Let me know how to contact or? There is also a yahoo group of families adopting through Hope. IT is