Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Endurance is the name of the game

.....or is it perseverance. :) So we are united. When we got to the orphanag yesterday morning, a lovely young lady, Hiywat, was waiting for us in the office. All smiles and hugs..... :) After hugging Nicky and I she asked where Mary and Anthony were! :)

She took us on a tour of the orphange. each and every room as she said good bye to all the caregivers. And we took lots of photos of kids, passed out lolly pops. One little boy took Nicks video camera...a baby, and tried to tape! Nick really enjoyed all the children.

The school age kids sang to Hiywat and I think I was the one crying. :) We then left the orphanage, stopped at a store and went back to the hotel..

Olivia Hiywat enjoyed going through her backbpack of goodies, and all her clothes. She immediately changed...and I picked the right sizes! YEA!

So both Nick and I were exhausted, feeling sick, me a headache, but we were now united. We colored, drew pictures, Nick played card tricks...a good first day.

And now, Wednesday morning, we all feel better. Olivia has the most beautiful hair...I tried to help her with it...but she knows far more than I. We are like two strangers in a room calling each other family. But we are family and we will grow into it.

About every two minutes, I hear this lovely accent say "mom"...:) Her teachers at the orphanage gave her an English/Amharic dictionary, and she understand and reads more English than she can speak.

So we are all happy together...and looking forward to making the trip home on Friday.

Abba is wonderful to us. Olivia is a wonderful daughter.


  1. Oh Sandee, my heart is full of joy for you & Olivia! So incredible. She sounds like a lovely young lady. Wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the country.

  2. Praise God this day finally came to pass! So happy for you.

  3. I'm so thrilled for you. What a blessing for you and your family that God gave you the perseverance to make it to the end of a very long journey.

  4. Beautiful !!!!!
    So happy for you :)

  5. I have been waiting to read this post (HUGE SMILE)....

  6. Oh Happy Day!!! FINALLY!
    So glad she is with you, Momma!