Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Go with the flow....

I know in my life I have had some hard 24 hour periods...but...I think none too much harder than the last two days.... 22 hours on a plane...cramped plane..... well. I am on a no whining fast...so that is all I will say. on then two in 1/2 hours in the airport lines getting our visa and going through customs....BUT we are here!

We met a sweet couple on the plane in the seats across from us, Susie and Ben from Montana. They are adopting a little girl and boy from Hope too!! And she had even read my blog and had her husband ask me if that was me! lol. I am a celebrity in Ethiopia. Well not really... but fun to have another family to do this all with. We kept together through the long lines at the airport...like Indiana Jones ride lines on Spring Break at Disneyland...but NO fun ride at the end. :) We are at the same hotel, too, with five Hope families, but have not met them all yet.

Oh a hot shower last night felt like heaven in droplet form. This morning I woke at 3 am...and lay awake.....thinking. praying. This is the day ....June 1, the day we have waiting to long for.

I am so blessed that Nick is here with me ..truly...such a companion and helper...thank you Abba, that you arranged this.

Praying for my loves back home...Mary Beth...Taddy...Nanny and Papa...and Bella and Kitty too!

God is good! I could hear roosters crowing this morning, and the early light showed haze and smoke on the skyline of Addis Ababa.... I will write more when I can.....

and pictures, perhaps. I hope.

Thank you all for your prayers....and please DON'T STOP NOW!!! 2 hours until my girl!


  1. We are praying (and I admit I am crying)...Praising God for the rooster crowing and this VERY special day!!!!

  2. almost - almost - almost there. Just hang on - we are waiting and praying for you.