Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Courts are closed for the season....what to do.

I love this season...
Not the season that the courts are closed, back to school season.

Time to buy school supplies, fall around the corner....

I bought Olivia's school supplies today! Now I know she will not be home until November or December, and not in school until probably January, but I had the list for all the classes and since I was buying supplies for the other kids... I thought I would buy hers too and just keep them aside. By January, no telling WHERE that supply list would be.

So pink and purple folders and pencil box holders, notebooks and crayons, pencils galore, watercolors, scissors.... I know she has never had these things before and won't know what to make of them. I wish I was bringing her home NOW. That she was already hear.

The courts in Ethiopia have closed for the season, until October sometime. So nothing to do but wait....and buy school supplies.

God knows she is ours already in our hearts and when she will truly be here.

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