Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A taste of Ethiopia

The kids and I, and Angela, joined four other families for dinner at an Ethiopian restuarant, Queen of Sheba. I prebriefed the kids on the fact that they get to eat with their hands, and that even if they don't like it, be polite.

Well, Nick, who is my pickiest eater, loved it! Mary, liked the chicken. I liked most the dishes, just not the injera...a sour pancake you use to scoop of the "wat", which can be vegtables, chicken, beef, lamb,.... Tadpole. Would not eat a thing, and more or less pouted. :( Angela was adventourous and at least tried it. :)

It was an experience. I wonder what Olivia will think of OUR food when she comes to live with us?

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