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Remember the scenes in "Good Morning Vietnam" when Robin Williams is teaching a class of Vietnamese adults, English...his style? How about Lilies of the Field, where Sydney Pointier is teaching a room full of nuns to repeat "I stands up, y'all" then launches into the spiritual, "Amen, amen..."

That is ESL, English as a Second Language, education. Comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

I wanted to share, because I have been in such a quandary regarding Olivia Mame...on what to do about school when she comes home. I can't home school (single mom working) and the private Christian school my other kids go to does not have an ESL program. I have been snooping around the internet and the website for our public school district, but had not found much. Looks like they only had some tools for teachers to use to help students in the regular classroom.

Today I decided to really focus and figure out what to do. I have been praying that God would lead me to the right solution.

VOILA! I talked to this great guy who heads up the program for the local school district. They have an ESL program called Newcomers, which are dedicated classrooms for ESL students for one or two semesters, depending on how quickly they pick it up...

Tomorrow I am meeting with him and observing both the classes (it is offered in two different schools in the district)to see what I think. And they have a bus for the ESL students from a park close to our home.....

And it is free! (I know all of you who are in public schools get the free thing, but I am so use to paying for EVERYTHING, that it
is just a blessing. )

If feels good to have another piece of the puzzle fall into place!

Thank you Lord! Amen, amen, amen..

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