Tuesday, October 28, 2008

21 days to court...

I made a "true media" presentation yesterday, which is a collection of photos of Olivia and Ethiopia put together with the song by Avalon, Orphans of God. I made it to perhaps be used at church in a couple weeks.

I wish I could show it here, but I cannot. If you want to see it privately, let me know. But until I pass court, I cannot post any photos of Olivia. And even after court, the presentation has some photos of other children yet to be adopted, so I cannot....

But each time I watch it my heart just aches, and tears roll down my face. Our God is so awesome. And these children so in need of His love and a loving family. It just overwhelms me. How one or two children (or more) so impact our family, enrich it, expand it, deepen it, make it...and yet there are so many many many more....in want of love and family...and so many many many families that have not even thought of expanding their arms and hearts....


The fields are white with harvest and the workers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would send workers......

open hearts, homes, arms, minds.....


  1. Amen Sandee!!! I love how your heart is moved by orphans.

    AND I am so excited that the title question of your blog is almost answered. Oliva...where are you? Soon she will say "home".


  2. Sandee, I want to see it! My email is lakecrescent@msn.com

    :) Crystal

  3. Sandee,
    I want to see it PLEEEEEASE???? my email is coupey@smt-net.com

  4. I am so with you. I think of all the others, still hungry, alone, unloved....it just breaks my heart. See, that's why we need to win the lottery...I'd have so many kids...and dogs....and one of those old hippie VW vans...just for fun and to freak my family out! :) But, sigh, I don't even play the lottery..maybe we should start?!?! P.S I wanna see it too...rejoto@comcast.net