Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The substance of waiting.....

It is so hard to wait, isn't it? Even harder when you do not know how long the wait is and where your progress is along that "wait line".
I load a program on my computer, or surf off to a website and I get little blue or green lines showing my progress. The only reason these show up it for MY benefit to feel like progress is being made and the wait will soon be over.
My adoption experience this time around, is not like this. I do not remember a wait like this for anything else in my life. Ever. Even my last adoption, take two years, I did not have a wait like this. Each time a had a milestone up ahead with a date and timeframe tied to it and it happened when it was scheduled to happen. My biggest wait was waiting the two months for approval from China...but they said it would take two months and it did!! It took two months.
I am finding myself becoming ..... what? cynical? or maybe more skeptical. Where cynical doubts motives, skeptical suspends judgement due to doubt.
I don't doubt motives. I believe the motives are good. I am becoming a skeptic. I am suspending not just judgement, but joy.
Someone announces a court date and is happy. I keep quiet. :( My skeptic mind thinks, that doesn't mean anything. You could have 7 court dates and be no closer. (Yea, I know, ugly, huh? Or you could have one and breeze through.) I scoff internally as someone plans a potential date to travel, when they don't even have a court date yet.
I HATE that about myself. SO I keep quiet. I have quit talking about it. Quit talking about adoption, or my daughter or the process. Quit asking about how my case is going.... (trying hard, I ask about every two weeks now...but even that is dwindling). Quit probing for information.
Quit planning on this summer and trying to losely sketch in plans.... and that part makes me cry.
And all that resounds in my mind and heart is WHY??!!!! Why can't someone take the 20 minutes to look in my file tell me where along the route this illusive piece of paper is and let me know? Why must this case get bounced out of court three times and just hang here? Why Mame? Why is this one the one sitting open at court going on 61 days now?
See why I don't talk? She why I try to just ignore that I am in the middle of this process?
And what is so odd about all this.... is I do trust in God. I do know He knows. I do know He has plans. I do know He says "Wait on me", and I do know He has reasons I will never fathom and even some reasons I can get a peek at.
I know that. And many days, most days, that trust and faith is the substance of my waiting.... and I am ok.
And then, some days, like today, I rail against my blank waiting line....and feel the edges of my soul get grouchy. On those days, He loves me just the same, He loves Mame just the same, His plan is still unfolding....and maybe, He hugs me a little tighter.
Like Hannah, I am praying from my heart for my child. I do not want to get bitterness of soul. Lord, keep me from it.


  1. So frustrating isn't it? Just doesn't feel right that they can keep you hanging out like that. I won't say any of those cliche phrases because it just stinks. Praying for you!

  2. The waiting - difficult in itself, but not even knowing until when.. I really hope you hear something soon.

  3. Sandee, I am right there with you. Although my wait has not been as long, I am feeling very similar to you. I feel like a mean ol witch when everyone gets excited about their court date and all I can think of is will mine still be open?