Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another bump in the road....

....looking for the blessing in disguise....
I just found out that Ethiopia has changed their adoptin regulations. They now require two trips in the adoption process. like many other countries do.
The first trip is at your court date, to give testimony as to your intent to adopt this person. The second trip is for the embassy date to get your childs visa and bring her home.
I do not know if this goes into effect immediately or at some future date, but I am assuming it will impact me.
At first, I was heart sick, with yet another delay (perhaps) and more money to make the trip.
I have quickly moved to acceptance. (Although I HATE the more money part) and am trying to look at the benefit.I am hoping it will not delay my court date (we have filed for court am awaiting the date.) The only way I see it could, would be if this appearance is accompanied by more paperwork that needs to be done...or that the agencies need to figure it out first. Hoping there is not a delay.
There is the more money. Ugh. I hate to talk about money. It feels wrong to talk about money. But the money side of adoption is HARD, BIG, SCARY and often for many families, prohibitive. I am blessed that with some penny pinching, I should have the extra...... not what I planned on spending it on...(bye bye basketball hoop, laptop, camera and summer vacation trip).... but really, in the big scheme of things...the things are not important.
I don't like two trips away from my kids is a bummer...but I will just have to pray it all up. It is in God's hands, and He know all along this was coming down the pike.
So the good side:
Getting to see my Mame sooner and bringing her a suitcase full of goodies! Some clothes, and I will then be able to go back home and shop for her. Reassuring her of us....showing picture...visiting her country. I am hoping {thinking} the first trip for the court date could be shorter maybe less expensive.... So that is a good side of it.
Also, with meeting her first, it changes what visa we bring her into the US with, and now, like Mary was, Olivia will become a US citizen the moment she touches US soil. So that is a good thing as well.
It will change my time off work..and give me one week less than what I had planned in the summer, but we can adjust to am ok.
Thrown for a loop again....but ok.
I will wait and see what I hear from my agency.....I want that court date!


  1. From a message someone forwarded from their agency it sounds like two trips are required for those whose files have "not yet" been submitted to the courts. This news is so new, I'm not sure exactly what the regulations are. I know our file has been submitted to the courts, but no court date yet. Hmmmmm.....I to wonder how this will effect things.

  2. I would THINK that you would be grandfathered in thus the new rule would not affect you.
    Guessing though, so I would for sure check with your agency!
    Big hugs,
    Holly from Purpose Driven Family