Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I found on the floor....

(N0, that is really not a picture of the floor of my car, or any floor in my house...hust a picture of papers on the floor, to illustrate a point...)
Junk mail and rapid schedules..... I get so much junk mail in my mailbox...those little newspaper flyers advertising this and that...and the mailbox is way down the lane, that I usually check it on my way driving in or out of our house....and then put it on the floor, to be dealt with later.
On Tuesdays I take the kids to a scouting program and the little boy, who is our new neighbor, goes with us. I had to give the van a good cleaning, putting back in extra seats since the move...so he would have room to sit. In the process, I saw this faded, flimsy little envelope with a forwarded mail label and barely visible stamped return address, underneath the Thomas Guide Map book and some junk mail newspaper ads.
Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was postmarked March 17, so not that old, and was from.....IMMIGRATION SERVICES??!!!!!!!
Quickly ripping it open, I thought, could this be my fretted over 171H..or a notice to get re-fingerprinted that I missed or ????. What if I had just grabbed it up with my junk mail and tossed it???!!!!
I had to read it twice and search the corner to find the form number and YES~ It was my new extended 171H sitting on the floor of my car for how many days???!!!!
EEEEEEEK..... sigh...but I have it. another milestone...and that much closer. So my side of the paperwork is allready.....
just waiting to hear of that new court date. (four more weeks of wait, by my guesstimation.) Maybe I will hear of my new date on my birthday.....and from all I am hearing, currently folks are not having to make the two trips..... The Ethiopian government has many details to work out first.....so praying I will make that window, before they get it all figured out and reinforced.
So a YIPPEEE day...I have my new 171H {barely!}


  1. Yippeee for sure. Glad you found it. =)

  2. WOO HOO!!!!!! We will continue to pray!!!!

  3. Wow wow wow!!!! I can imagine how your heart must have skipped a beat or two!!
    Yippeeeee!! Praying for that court date! It is high time you and your daughter were together!