Monday, May 24, 2010

One day closer to you.....

7 to go!
Things are coming together, all the puzzle pieces are lining up....
all the work tasks, and school tasks, and home tasks, and pre-travel tasks are all getting done.
It is ALMOST "get excited" time.... :)
What should I do in Washington DC with an 8 hour layover on the way home?
Any suggestions?


  1. Yay - so close! We live in Baltimore, just north and visit DC quite frequently. You may want to just get out and stretch your legs by walking on the mall and seeing all the sights by foot. Or take a tram around and have the guide show you all the monuments. If you will be flying through Reagan it will be easier than Dulles. Traffic is rough down there so allow enough time. Have fun!

  2. Hey, I took that picture! :) I remember that day well. I was hoping that sweet Mame would soon have her turn. So glad it is almost here.
    Have a great trip!