Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cooking Large!

So...Knowing that my family is growing, and with three already, plus me, I don't have this cooking thing under control, I have been reading and wanting to try out this cook one day a month, or freezer cooking, BIG COOK, etc..concept.

So today I did. I spent about 6 hours, and cooked four different "entries" (use that word very loosely) for a total of 12 meals.

So thoughts:

It worked! First time through was kind of rough, needed to plan better, but it worked. Realized I have the entrees, but not the other stuff, so have to figure that out. Concerned if the recipes are ones my kids will like.. that is a challenge.

What I learned..try the recipe..small single size, on the kids first, before you plan the big cook. Plan and shop on a different day.
Don't try to feed and handle kids while you are doing the big cook.
Clean our your freezer first.

That being said, I am encouraged that this COULD work. I just have to be patient first to test out and find the recipes we like, before I do the multiple dinners.

Sometimes with three kids, I feel like a diner, with three different appetites and food preferences. UGH!

But it is a step forward.....

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  1. I have been looking through this book that may appeal to you - it's called "Can I Freeze It?". I found it a great resource for how to freeze items, it has beautiful pictures, and the recipes look good too.

    I got it at the library but I think now I want to buy it.