Friday, March 28, 2008

Just keep swimming....just keep swimming.......

Sometimes it does not seem like a lot of progress....but it is I just keep swimmimg.....
Remember the saga about the Child Clearance Letter I needed from the DOJ? Well after a couple months and hair pulling and fingerprinting twice...I found out today, I did not need to do ANY OF THAT!!! My social worker said today, they already had everything they needed and they would include the information in my homestudy regarding this.
Sigh...not sure WHY someone could not have told me that on one of my 25 calls least I know now. Just keep swimming....
So I had my first homestudy meeting. Went well. We laughed a lot. and the home visit is scheduled for next Friday! yea! I was hoping the homestudy would be done by the end of April. (or sooner). I found out today, they say 8 weeks!!!!! 4 WEEKS for my social worker to write it and 4 weeks for the home office to review and approve it.
sigh. She admitted it does not take that long to write one homestudy, but the fact is I am not the only one, so it is more the "queue" wait, than the actually writing. And we laughed over the fact that, yea, I realize it is not all ab0ut me!!! (Truly, yea, ok, I know, it is not. :) )
So I am contend with us moving at the pace we move at. God has his timing. So with this timing there is not telling if my dossier will get to Ethiopia and through court in enough time for me to get custody before the courts close for the rainy session...with is mid-July until October...or close to it...a couple months or more.
I would rather travel during summertime, yet on the other hand, having the kids in school when I travel and being settled on the home front, may be a better tme for all involved. Either way, God has it covered and I...well ..... I just keep on swimming....
I bought some goodies for a little package to be taken over to Olivia with another family that is traveling ...with an album of the family. The kids are going to draw some pictures to put in it!
This is the fun stage of the whole adoption journey. Putting a face to our dream, praying for her at night, thinking and talking about her with the kids.....
God is good!
Just keep swimming......


  1. Congratulations of the referral of your daughter!!!!! What awesome news!!!


  2. Just keep swimming !

    Charlotte and crew