Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pretty in Pink...

2 months 3 weeks and 6 days.

I may have found Olivia today. I think I have. I will have more information tomorrow...but today may have been the day when I laid eyes on her for the first time...

Wearing pink and a beautiful smile. Will she want to be my daughter? Will she want to be in this family that looks different from each other and different from her?

Abba, if this is our Olivia, make it so.
I have about 8-10 pictures of her, thanks to some families that just returned from Addis Ababa and took lots of pictures of all the children, and in each of them, she is wearing pink! :) And in one a pink Minnie Mouse! Minnie Mouse was Mary's favorite when we adopted her.... How cute that they may have this in common!
Now I just wait for more information...tomorrow........


  1. How exciting is this!?! Can't wait to hear 'for sure' and 'when' and see more pictures of this little beauty. Ahh....

  2. Oh, Sandee ! How exciting ! Can't wait to hear the shouts of joy from CA !

    Charlotte and crew

  3. This is really so exciting. What great news! I hope that it all works out for her to be your daughter.