Thursday, March 27, 2008


I said YES! (With God's permission!) I accepted today the referral of a precious little angel from Ethiopia..... "Olivia" Mame (or Mamea...not sure of the spelling or pronounciation.)

Just perfect for us..... I pray we are perfect for her. She is lovely, cute, smiley, happy. Due to Ethiopia law, I cannot post pictures of her in a public setting until she is really mine, after the court I am sorry...because she is lovely!

She is around 6 or 6 1/2...and loves pink, (as I mentioned the other day!)

So I have my first homestudy interview tomorrow. I am hoping my homestudy will be done by the end of April, or sooner. Then I get it all authenticated at the Secy of State...then off to Assistant Stork to be checked and send to the Ethiopian Embassy and the US Consulate..then on to Ethiopia. Then it gets translated and hopefully approved by the MOWA. Then a court date is set. Once I pass court, then I travel.

Easy as cake, no? (LOL!) ok, not so, but !! Big step...we found OLIVIA!

God is good. But we all knew that, huh?


  1. WOOHOOO ! I am so so excited for you Sandee !

    Olivia is very pretty in pink !

    Charlotte and crew

  2. I am so excited for you!!! I saw her beautiful face on the message board photos!!!