Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hoping for good news on Monday....and Tues....

Well, I am hoping to hear good news on Monday: My social worker said a couple weeks back, that she hoped to have the homestudy done and sent to the agencies corporate offices by the end of April. Well, it is 4 days past that. I have not heard anything, but I sent her an email asking if it was done, on Friday...I am hoping to hear good news tomrrow! The home office gets another 30 days to review and approve it...I would love for them to be quicker than that....we are all waiting!! Hoping to beat the rainy season, as well as get Olivia home before school starts. ...Fret, fret....but God knows all this....Lord, your timing, your will.

My other good news, I am hoping to hear, is Tues or Wed. . . but more on that waiting waiting.

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