Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just adjust...

Well, I did not get the good news I was looking for. :( The social worker was not done with the homestudy on the day she thought she would be, or on the 30 day mark....
But what can you do? Nothing I am not in charge of timing, and although she may not know it, neither is she.
So I had to adjust my thinking again, as I am counting days...and realize God is in charge of timing.
And regardless of when the next chain of events kicks off, it will be the perfect time in God's timing and it will all work out. :)
Isn't this a cool picture? A family that just got back from Ethiopia took it while they were there.
So...the homestudy is now being reviewed by various folks in the agency and should be sent to the head office...maybe which they take up to 30 days to review and approve it.
Meanwhile, I am going to pull out all my dossier papers, double check that they are all in order, and then get them all I will have to do when I get my homestudy, is get it authenticated and send it off to Assistant Stork. Makes me feel like I am doing something.
On a happy note, I got TONS, I mean TONS of very cute pictures of Olivia, from the same family mentioned above. So cute. and in a few she was wearing the necklace and bracelets we sent her and the little purse!!! How cute!
She is always smiling and right in the middle of things and hugging her little friends. I am glad I have a full house for her to come home to, or she might me lonely.
What a blessing.

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