Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Setbacks and Delays....

So I have had a piece of paper delay in my homestudy being completed...and again it is outside my control. With this added delay, I have pretty much given up hope to get to Ethiopia before the courts close....which would mean Oliva would be coming home in the November December time frame....

God knows what is best, and I am surrendered to His timing. I keep getting awesome pictures of her....and I know God is in charge of the whole situation...who knows what He may do.

So I am trying to learn about ESL and how to transition a child who does not speak English into the school system mid-year. Maybe Nov, Dec would be a better time anyway....less going on, kids in the school routine, so I could spend 1 on 1 time with her.

Our Abba loves us all...and we will be united....what a Christmas that would be, no? :) Can't wait. Hold on dear little daughter of mine....we are coming....we are coming soon, and we have made a great place for you....a house with many rooms, and one for you to share with your little sister. What laughs we will have. What fun. What pretty dresses, and dancing around the house and songs about Jesus. What hugs. What love. What a future. Our Abba Daddy is wrapping us all in...making us family. We are family. And we are coming.

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  1. Sandee~

    Hang in there ! She is coming home is the good thing !

    It's not a matter of if, just WHEN !

    Charlotte and crew