Monday, November 3, 2008

14 Days

It is 14 days until my courtdate...
I wonder if I will pass the first time? I am praying so, but I am also resting in God's care, as He knows far better than me.
Last night I had an odd mixed up dream about being in Ethiopia and getting Mame. In my dream she was first a very small, skinny, toddler girl, so small that I could carry her in a mama pouch on my front...but then, as the dream progressed, she was a baby boy, as dreams are sometimes wierd and do not make sense.
But the part of the dream that lingered was this intense feeling to protect her, to care for her, that she was mine.
We are all looking forward to her being here.
I wonder what she thinks? Going about her days, somewhat oblivious to what lies ahead. What worries her? What make her happy?
Another mom, who adopted a young girl from Mame's same orphanage, told of how her daughter shared, on the day she knew her new mom was coming to get her, she picked out her clothes (from clothes I think they all share), and fixed her hair. Ready, aware and looking forward to this day.
We so often look forward to something, holding an expectation and "fantasy" of how it will be, that is never like the reality. It can't be, as we cannot fortell the future and understand each nuance of how it will be. But, if we will embrace the life God gives us, planned and orchestrated from the hands of our loving Father, it is a rich, full, loving life, beyond what we could imagine.
Different, yes, but better. I prayer for little Mame, as she is about to embark on a new life, with a new family, that God will pour love in her heart, comfort and peace and give us all the wisdom, patience, understanding and lots of laughs to make it through the transition.
14 days...and counting.

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  1. praying for you and thanks for commenting on my blog. And I know, we survived Carter and Clinton surely this can't be worse.