Wednesday, November 19, 2008

52 INCHES...

With the new pictures I received of Olivia Mame, there is one where she is standing in front of a height chart. But it is just too hard to see and figure out the numbers. A co-worker and I got out a little magnifying glass to try to read it. It says 135 cm which translates to almost 52 inches.

Talking to several moms, and looking at some clothes size charts, it seems she is size 8. So the new clothes I bought a week or so ago should fit! Yipeeee!

I also checked her height against an age/height chart...and EITHER she is the age they say AND in the 99% percentile for her age (ie...tallest girl in history...grin...) OR she is 8 or 9 and average height for her age.

Since I have heard of many, many stories of children being older than the referral states, which I am perfectly ok with, I am guessing she is 8 or 9.

The big question will be what grade in school should so go in to? Will she end up being in the same class/grade as Tadpole, rather than a grade below, as I thought? Being in the same class, would be kind of cool! :) Quite a topic of conversation for his small class on adoption and families! :)

What is so great about school when she comes home, since I do not know what grade she should go into, is the ESL progam I am putting her in is grade 1-3 ALL in one class! All day! And the teacher is so sweet. The day I visited the class they were using an apple peeler to make pies..and it smelled so yummy!

She will let Mame learn and grow at her own pass, and with the teachers expertise, by the end of the year, she can tell me what grade she SHOULD go in academically, vs just choosing based on an age that could or could not be valid! How cool is that??!!!

Just another little piece to the puzzle. I hve her new picture on my desk, by my monitor...and love to looke at it and see her sparkling eyes and smiling face!

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  1. Hi!
    I just found your blog. I am in Sacramento waiting on referral for my 4 yr old twin girls. Hope to travel by summertime. Hope you pass court soon and can get your little girl home!