Sunday, November 16, 2008

Will she be mine tomorrow?

Dear Mame,

You probably are not even aware what is going on today. in 60 seconds, it will be tomorrow in Ethiopia.....

Will this day be our special day?

Will you be my daughter before the day is out?

I wonder if you slept any different this night? I know I will.

I wonder what you think? What you like, How you laugh, how you cry? What thoughts make you smile, what thoughts make you scared? Are you a girlie girl or tom boy and someone in between? Like to read, like to draw, like to play sports? What was your mother's name? What was your daddy like? Do you miss them? Do you remember them?

Did you have any brothers and sisters? Will you grow to love your new ones?

How different your life will be.... I wonder, will it start tomorrow? On paper, at least?


  1. Eeek. Tomorrow it is! I'm sending up a prayer and crossing all of my fingers and toes for you! Here's to good news!!

  2. Praying and hoping with you!!!