Monday, November 10, 2008

Girlie I ready for this?

Grace, one of the office managers at Hope Adopton Agency, is in Ethiopia right now visiting the orphanage where Olivia Mame is living...she sent back this little message yesterday about Mame and the other girls....
"Mekdes, Kalk and Dag, Hen and Wub, Mame are all doing great!!! They know they have families and they know they are coming.
The girls were so cute--they were whispering and giggling for a while, I finally asked what they were up to and one of them whispered "Antneneh"?? So cute!!"
Anteneh is a little boy that was adopted earlier this year by Grace. My little girl is giggling about little boys ALREADY!
Oh my! Am I ready for this? :)
My presentation at church yesterday went well. My sweet Nicholas blessed me so. When I was in Starbucks on our way to church, he wrote me a note. He gave it to me when I got back in the care and it said:
"Pray that I may proclaim it clearly as I should." Col 4:4

I love you mommy, I know that you will do great with your presentation, so I'm writting to comfort you, hundreds of kisses.
Nick Hancock. xxxoooxxooxo"

Isn't that precious?
7 more days until court!

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