Monday, May 18, 2009

Moodshifting: dresses and smiles....

I can feel my mood shifting. From one of irritation, dismay, to one of expectancy and excitement.
Nothing on the news landscape has changed...but my mind has moved from "WHEN??!" and "What now!", oh Olivia will look cute in that, and oh this will be so fun for Olivia and Mary to do together...
I see little girls Olivia's age with their little summer dresses and leggings, and it takes all my might not to go shopping! lol.
I have moved to thinking, "soon. It will be soon." Knowing soon is a relative term. But no more dispair! Prayers of friends and family must be working.
A little insight from another mother made me smile today. She said her two daughters in Ethiopia, that she is in the process of bringing home this week, moved to their English names within two days. She said they "love their English names!".
So...that was thrilling to know. I have heard from others too, that the older children really look forward to their English names. :) So Olivia.....I hope you will love your name.....
Happy hearted waiting.
PS...and that cute dress above is from Garnet Hill.
PSS. I got an update from Kathleen, who is in Ethiopia right now....on Olivia Mame. She said she is in a happier mood today. She said:

She is 68 pounds
54 1/4 inches tall
size 10/12 would be much better!!!
Her hat fit.
She was so much happier today to see us and she felt much better with her package!!!!!


  1. So happy for you to have this little update. Still praying for you that soon....the doors will open wide for you to hop on a plane and scoop your long-awaited daughter right up!

  2. Can you rub some of your mood off on me? :)

    So glad Mame is doing well. I know she will miss K but I know you will be going to get her soon!