Sunday, May 24, 2009

News from afar.....

I got some precious news...from Diann, a momma just returning from Ethiopia...who visited with Mame:

I know you will be getting lots of updates, but I wanted to tell you of my experience with your BEAUTIFUL daughter, Olivia Mame.

I hope that this brings you comfort and joy and please know that I continue to pray your time to travel will come soon. She is going to be a magnificent addition to your family.

This little lady just captures your heart in the first moment that you meet her. She has a sweet, gentle spirit about her and is very much the mother and caretaker of the kids. She is SMART! The kids all said their ABC's, counted to 40 (when I stopped them), said their days of the week, months of the year and all their body parts. And if my Bizunesh is any indication, she will know a lot more English than she will let on at first. (That has been a hoot!)

Mame is very affectionate and explained through a gentleman there that she thinks of you often. After receiving your package, she was adamant that he translate a letter to be sent to you. I want to mail this letter to you, but I also wanted to send the contents via e-mail so you would have it sooner!

Hello Mom. I love you mom and all the family. I am eager to see all my American family. I missed you and again I love you. Thank you for the present.

He also told me that she kept telling him to tell you I love you and Thank you. But that he only wrote it once in the letter. She loved her hat and shirt, although I would go a size larger on the shirt. She really is beauty. What a gift from above.


Isn't that the most precious thing!!? Hang on dear Mame.....I will get there as soon as I can!


  1., so sweet!!!

    Dear Lord, please make a way for Mame to come home soon!

  2. Rejoicing in the note sent from her heart to yours! We serve an amazing Lord. He truly gathers the lambs close to His heart and gently leads those that have young. Thank you Lord, for holding Mame close to your heart and gently leading her mommy to bring her home.

  3. Wow! That must be just what you needed to recharge your spirit while waiting! I also met Mame last year in Ethiopia, but I didn't get to talk with her much. I can attest to what a beautiful girl she is too!