Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, I wasn't going to talk about it, but since I have two updates....I guess I will. The first is that Ethiopian Adoptions regarding abandoned children are temporarily on hold. Some agencies are being investigated. I understand our agency is already in the clear, but all are being held up until the investigations are over. I have no clue how long this dealy will be.

On a bittersweet note, I heard from Kathleen, who is bringing home her two daughters and is in Ethiopia this week. Her older daughter is Mame's bunk mate. This is part of what she wrote, talking about her daughter and then Mame:

She ran off and got Mame. Mame was very sad. ...Mame and Kalkidan (Laura Faith) share the same bed, school and Mame does K and D's hair and gets her things daily. Mom kept insisting that the driver translate that Mame and Wubitu and Henery kids parents are hoping they get out soon.

Mame hung out the whole time 9 am until 115pm with us. Wubitu left to play with others.
Mame is the one that takes good care of our girls. She took it extremely hard that K was leaving. I had to really coax a smile. The water bottle and coffee ceremoney cheered Mame up.

All the kids were preparing notes and letters for K and D..Mame did not as she was with us.
Mame read the letters and they all laughed. one boy said it was good for k but bad for him as he will miss her so much. the kids were all giggles.

Ahhh.....pray for my little girl, as she lost her best friend this week! Pray that things will clear up quickly and I will get to bring her home quickly!


  1. Oh Sandee, this breaks my heart.... hope sweet Mame comes home soon!

  2. I will be praying...God loves her more than you do, and he has a GOOD plan....for you and her!

  3. Soooo sad! I hope you get her home soon!

  4. How frustrating that it's now all on hold.
    And sad about Meme loosing her best friend.

  5. wow Sandee I had tears running down my face, I sure hopes she comes home soon.