Wednesday, May 6, 2009 Jazzy tones.

I have this new Jazzy Tone as my ringer on my cell. It is so mellow and "cool", that often it does not sink in that my cell phone is ringing.
I was in a meeting this am, just got out of it and in the middle my cell phone started playing.
I thought, this is it, this is the middle of this meeting today, I am going to find out that Mame is mine!
I hardly ever get phone calls at work in the am on my phone. My calls are either my mom, kids or our au pair and they normally happen in the afternoon or evening. SO a ring is something special!
I scramble for my purse....thinking how to do keep facilitating this meeting and handle my phone call....I find the phone, look at the screen to see if it is that non-memorized phone number from Grace......
It was not. :(
I was just so sure today would be the day. This is the week I NEED it to be, for all my summer plans. This is the week that Wednesday are the open case days. I have been an open case (not basket case, open case :) ) for 68 days now. Can't imagine there are ones open longer...... But they probably are. Plus I doubt if they are going on a first in first out bases. Who knows if my paperwork is even done. I am clueless...
But in the words of Joanie Rubash, on another matter on my heart:
I know God is working so I just wait and pray!!
Amen....and listen for that Jazzy tone on my cellphone.

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