Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pray, pray , pray, pray, pray, pray......

Sometimes things just happen the hard way. So I am asking you to pray with me to pull this thing on through!
I got word today from my adoption agency, that the attorney in Addis Ababa, who handles all our court cases and paper work, is on this very day in the Mame's region of the country (birth region) trying to get her paperwork finished. That it is a 2 or 3 day trip from Addis, and she should be back Friday night or Saturday morning!
Pray her favor and smooth sailing....and blessings to boot. I am sure her hands are so full, and taking a few days out to handle Mame's case is so loving of her. Favor and blessing, oh Lord, favor and blessing!


  1. I will stand with you Sandee.
    This has been such a tough journey.
    I know God is faithful but I also know a Mother's heart.
    Please Lord, PLEASE grant this lady favor with Mame's paperwork so she can come home.