Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pink Palms, Black Paws.....

In the wait...
Last night the kids and I made a sign/banner for Mame. We each used colored stamping pads to put our handprints around the words, "We love you, Mame". I used red, which, even after a bath, has left my hands blushing pink. Even our Morkie, Bella, had her paws stamped black, and added pawprints to the sign. Then each family member signed their name next to their handprints. (Except Bella, of course, I signed for her.)
We plan to take a picture of all of us holding it, then send the picture and sign off to Mame with one of the families traveling to the orphanage.
We are focusing on what will be, on our heart connection, and not on the delays.


  1. I remember meeting Mame when we were at the orphanage picking up our twins. She's a wonderful, lovely girl. I hope all the problems and delays get sorted out so that she can be home with you soon.

  2. Good for you ! I bought my new daughter to be all her new scool supplies while they were n sale, she will be home soon and better to buy them on sale than not ! Preapring for what we all know ~ they will come home !