Monday, July 27, 2009

Way up in North Ethiopia....

Someone asks: "What's the news with Olivia? (Mame)"

Today I answer: "Not good news"

  • She is too old to be processed in the Addis Ababa courts as abandoned. (No one 8 years old or older will be processed as abandoned. How sad for children who are abandoned at that age.)

The uncle who relinquished her in Addis, is no where to be found after 8 months of waiting).

Her village, is way up North, closest city is Gondar. It cannot be reached during the rainy season. (Ends perhaps sometime in October).

The attorney left instructions and fees with someone (???) somewhere (???) to try to get the paperwork complete.

The local courts?? government?? police?? not sure, from Mame's village, area will need to verify that she is relinquished with a piece of paper... I think. I am so unclear. I don't know if an existing family member has to be found in her village, or if the local authorities have to attempt that, and then declare her abandoned, and since she is abandoned in her village and not Addis, then it is ok. I don't know.

What I do know is not to expect anything any time soon. And I highly doubt in 2009, but that may be my "upsetness" speaking.

I may wait a couple days and try to ask again, to understand. All I know is the attorney's trip did not get her the paper she desired. We cannot move forward at this time, and the rainy season is impacting it as well.

It is funny, odd funny, interesting funny, not ha ha funny. You can get so attached to a little girl, through pictures and written anecdotes, that she is YOURS in your heart. There is no way, even after 16 months of waiting, that you can just stop and walk away. I know some folks looking in might say, why not just go adopt someone else, who is ready (paperwise)....

But Mame is my children's sister....And I do not like the delays, (she doesn't either.. I was told today, she even asks the attorney at Hope, what is happening with her case)... but they are what they be endured.

And God knows this. I do not know the right timing, but He does. So I live with more delays.

That is what is happening with Mame.

(This photo was taken by a traveler in Simien National Park, right next to Gonder in the Amhara region, where Mame is from).


  1. oh Sandee. I so wish that this journey had taken other turns but I will continue to stand with you in faith that it will come to pass.
    Big hugs from my neck of the woods to yours.

  2. Sandee,

    You are so in my prayers. I am waiting too for my daughter, but not like you and every day I cry and I need to stop, I need to think of you my friend, and see the strength you have for this daughter of yours. I get it, she is yours, she has always been yours in your heart before you even knew it, the same with my daughter. h, Sandee I so get it, and I don't get his plan, and I so wish you and I both get it resolved tomorrow to bring our precious daughters home.


  3. oh Sandee, I am so sorry for you, for your family, and for Mame. i wish I had words to tell you... we will coninue to pray. Big hugs.

  4. I am so sorry. That is so frustrating.
    And poor little Mame waiting for her mummy and sister and brothers.

  5. Sandee,
    I don't know how to email you, so I will post a comment instead. (Hope that's okay) THank you for your comment on A Place Called Simplicity this morning.

    Thank you for your honesty about it being a difficult day. Truthfully, I had to be honest on the blog, because not all days fasting are blissful.

    The enemy of our souls "comes to steal, kill and destroy"...and he definitely does not want us fasting. I am certain, from looking at your blog that you are a single parent who is passionate about the orphan. So do you think he likes that? No chance!! You are sounding a clear trumpet that single parents can be parents and that surely ticks him off. No doubt he hates when orphans find families and families that love Jesus?? Oh my!!

    So be strong and courageous - stand firm. Fast again and know that God is working behind the scenes whether it appears like it or not!! Promise!!

    Love to you from Colorado,

  6. Ah, I feel your disappointment!
    So sorry that you continue to wait. I will keep praying, for you and your daughter. God be near you both and comfort you with His peace...someday you will hold her in your arms and say it was worth it!

  7. Sandee, I don't know what to say. I am so sorry for yet another delay. My prayers are with you all.