Saturday, August 8, 2009

Close to my Heart....

I have to show you this really cute necklace that Heather, who has an shop, Found and Made, is making for me!! I found out about her when reading a blog I follow by Emily (Life is Beautiful) and her sharing about a necklace Heather made her. So I found Heather's shop on Etsy and saw these darling scrabble charms she makes... It has a map on one side and a scrabble letter on the other. So first she made one with a map of Ethiopia that shows Addis Ababa and on the back the letter M for Mame. Then I had her make one with Qing Dao City China on one side and Q ( for my little princess Qing Qing aka Mary Beth) on the other...and then I thought, well I need to include the next came Folsom, Ca and T for Tadpole and Sacramento, CA and N for Nickerbocker.
How totally cute is that??!!!! She showed me two different ways she could string on a chain with beads or on a cord..... I love them both, especially the colors of the beads, but I think I will be able to wear the brown with more things.
They are darling, no? She can make you one too!! She will only do custom orders through Sept, then she is getting ready for Christmas.
So so cute, and she is nice. So I will be carrying my four loves around my neck, close to my heart.
I read about a dear sweet momma to be, who lost her referral today, because the relative that relinquished her son-to-be, could not be found. So said. and it scares me about Mame. But I know I am trusting in God and not man. I just want Mame to have a hope and a future and not live her life in an orphanage. Holding on and praying. This will be my prayer necklace...I will hold each tile and pray for that child.


  1. Wow! That is super creative and beautiful!
    Keep holding fast. Praying with you.