Friday, February 22, 2008


No, that is not the sound of me drinking milk out of the jug....that is the sound of my "Paperchase" train speeding on down the track! I am almost at the end of my collecting phase. My bank called today and they are mailing their NOTARIZED reference letter (those of you on this journey, know how hard it is to get some banks to notarize a letter)... ..

Check mark, another item checked off.
I am waiting on another clearance letter, then all I have left to garner for my dossier is my Homestudy (BIG THING) and my immigration 171H (LONG WAIT THING, with an imbedded long wait thing for fingerprinting).
But still, it is good, to be chugging along and getting my part done!
Chuga, chuga, chuga....toot toot!

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