Saturday, February 16, 2008

Following Where He Leads....

I am not sure how all this works...but we may have found our "Olivia"(...although she has a beautiful Ethiopia name, so she may or may not want "Olivia" added to her name.) I received some information on a sweet and spunky precious girl Thursday afternoon.

I wish I could post pictures, but I cannot...and besides I want to wait until I know for sure if she is our referral....but she looks and sounds perfect!

As I contemplated the little bit of information I had, and talked to Jesus about this precious little girl, I just felt well of course. Why else would He have had her presented to us, if she is not the one?

I hope to find out more on Monday, but until then...I just keep looking at her three little pictures and re-reading the couple of lines I have.......

Oh my!

Oh and PS. It was on Valentines is that a precious Valentine or not?

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