Friday, February 29, 2008

Pulling my hair out...

Well, I would be, but I need to keep every last strand I got!


2nd to the last item I need to get for my dossier: Child Abuse/Neglect Clearance letter.

  1. Ask adoption agency, "How do I get that?" You should get it as part of your homestudy.

  2. Talk to Homestudy agency, "Can you give me this?" We already have your fingerprint clearance still associated with our office from your last adoption. So if you need a letter, contact Dept of Justice, this number, talk to Lena (in records) and she get can one for you.

  3. Call Lena, get voicemail, says leave a message and she will call you back in two days.

  4. 8 days later, still no call. Talk to Homestudy agency, is there another way to get this letter? Try this number xxx-xxxx

  5. Call xxx-xxxx, get a recording that says if you need a clearnce letter, call this number yyy-yyyy and push option 3.

  6. Call yyy-yyyy and pusch option 3, gives three more options, none that matches my situation, closes says pay $32 and get fingerprinted to get your letter. (I already AM fingerprinted) so I push zero hoping to talk to someone. Get an operator, tell my long story and she transfers me to...... hold on...guess...Lena's number :)

  7. I talk to someone, (not sure if it is Lena, she's not saying) and I share the whole story, again. She says, for your agency your contact is Alberto, call him at zzz-zzzz.

  8. I call Alberto at zzz-zzzz and I get his voicemail, he says leave a message and he will call be back in the order the call was received. (Doesn't mention how many days.) I leave the story.

I am now awaiting a callback.

Theory, the patience, self-control, organization, and persistance needed to complete all the paperwork for an adoption and work with all the various agencies involved, is very similiar to the patience, self-control, organization and persistance needed to parent young children while running a household, also similiar to the patience needed to glue 278 tennis balls to the undercarriage of a pick-up truck speeding down the freeway, using only maple syrup.

Guess my character is being built. I be characterized!

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