Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dossier Blues

I have the dossier blues this afternoon. Not so much as gathering all the paperwork, notarized, authenticated....I did that before with China. Just all the confusion over what is needed to be included. I have four different sources or lists indicating what I need to gather (five, if you include the home study agency's requirements) and none of the four match!

None! Nada! Zilch! It is nerve wracking. I go by one list and think I am getting pretty close to done, and boom....another item is dicovered from another list.

So I am just whining. Others have made this journey before me and survived. So I will too. I just have tired eyes and a tired I thought I would whine.


On a happy note, I finished my home study agency's "self-study" today and can drop it off tomorrow. :)

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