Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attachment Disorders

Now aren't those disturbing words. It is interesting, as I am starting to read, and to talk about my challenges with Mary, this has come up in several conversations. At first I wrote it off as the easy Folks here she is adopted and immediately jump to adoption as the root cause of the issues.But, in one conversation someone asked me, does she do this..and this..and that...and pretty much discribed her behavior to a I need to focus on it. It also does not help that I was going through my own Post-adoption issues, the first year she was we are learning and planning on doing some back-tracking...and getting some ideas on what to do...things I can use for Olivia as well I am sure.Two good books mentioned to I have the other I just ordered:Post-Adoptoin Blues by Karen J. Foli and John R. Thompson ( Coming to Grips with attachment by Katherine Leslie. ( is always hope.

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  1. Hi Sandee~
    I admire your honesty with this difficult issue and hope you find resolve and peace. I will also be thinking of you and all the other Hopesters anxiously waiting for the courts to reopen! Good luck!